Texworld USA Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

11:30 AM (ROOM 1E04)
"Ex-Aequo" Autumn/ Winter 2017-2018
Trend Inspiration Presentation for the upcoming Season by Texworld/Apparel Sourcing Art Director

Louis Gerin - 2G2L Fashion Design & Consulting
Gregory Lamaud - 2G2L Fashion Design & Consulting

This unmissable & ultra-popular (vernacular) of the show inspirational presentation Seminar will Introduce Creative minds to the Leading trend themes of the season; as well to the upcoming rising Aesthetics. Decrypted by Texworld Trend Team: Moods, Color Alliance, Color Palette, Texture & Specific Aspects of the season, will be decoding for the well-informed audience. "The door of possibilities has opened. The world has become a maelstrom everyone can tap into. Past, forgotten, depreciated heritages find a space to express themselves. Reborn from the ashes of the collective memory, they are at disposal. They are there, beside the most insane innovations. Because this new world is also a chance to reinvent everything. A chance that many seize. And as will the rules of our time, everyone has the right to assert their truth. Guarantors of innovation as well as guards of ancient knowhow. In each field, the past and the future seem to be embracing each other. Distance and closeness. Beauty and ugliness. Humanity is experiencing its Big Crunch. Everything is reunited in only one point. Perhaps the best definition of the present. Of our present. Texworld Inspiration book is today one of the leading industry world reference for Trend Forecasting. Texworld trend table Incept the fashion world with their advanced decryptions of our world. An Unmissable of the show.

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